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Lifestyle Session With a Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer

From tiny toes to soft little tufts of hair, every aspect of a newborn baby is simply adorable! The newborn phase goes by so quickly, and even though the sleepless nights might seem excruciating, most families look back on their child’s first weeks and months at home and wish they could get that time back. Newborn photo shoots are a great way to preserve those precious memories of your new baby. If you’re looking for a friendly, experienced Southern Maryland newborn photographer, then be sure to check me out!

Choosing Your Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

Lifestyle photography is gaining popularity as it showcases beautiful, real-life moments that families will cherish forever. Instead of cold, posed studio sessions, lifestyle snapshots show the true-to-life interactions family members have with one another. These sessions are typically more casual, calm, and relaxed than a formal studio portrait session. 

Lifestyle newborn photography captures all of the best parts of bringing home a new baby: the snuggles, the mother cradling her tiny baby, gentle kisses from big siblings, dads staring adoringly at their new baby, newborns sleeping peacefully all wrapped up in swaddles, little baby smiles, rosy baby cheeks, and families gazing lovingly at the latest addition. Lifestyle newborn photography takes place in the family’s home, with most of the session focusing on the beautiful connection between the baby, the parents, and siblings. 

As a mother myself, I know that family means everything. I spend my free time with my husband and kids when I’m not doing photo shoots. At the heart of my photography is a passion for preserving natural, happy family moments that they’ll cherish for years. 

Why Should I Hire a Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer?

Above all, I am known for being friendly, easy to work with, and having an eye for artistic snapshots. Additionally, my photography helps families in the southern Maryland area cherish every season of life. Each photo session gives families the most important snapshots they can pass on to future generations. 

Chesapeake Beach Newborn Session

Recently, I worked with a family in Chesapeake Beach to capture special family moments as they welcomed their sweet new baby, Kenna Jane, into their lives. Throughout the shoot, I spoke with the family. I learned that the mother, Sarah, had a home birth and the dad, Darren, actually delivered the baby before anyone else had time to arrive! 

The couple, and their toddler son Leo, were thrilled to welcome precious baby Kenna Jane into their lives. I photographed the family in their own home in Chesapeake Beach. Above all, the family’s joy shines through in the pictures, as sweet baby Kenna enjoys snuggles from Sarah and Darren and gentle kisses from big brother Leo!

Examples of snapshots from this in-home southern Maryland newborn photography session include:

  • Sarah kissing the top of Kenna Jane’s head as they stand in front of a window
  • Mom Sarah holding the baby as dad Darren kisses his sweet little girl 
  • Kenna Jane swaddled peacefully, sleeping in a woven basket
  • A close-up of the baby’s facial features, including her little tufts of hair, lips pressed together, and tiny eyelashes
  • An over-the-shoulder snapshot of mom holding the baby as she smiles in her sleep
  • Dad and big brother Leo coming alongside Sarah as she cradles Kenna Jane in a rocking chair

Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer

Lifestyle photography is an excellent way to capture your newborn baby’s sweet memories. From tiny toes to fuzzy tufts of hair, lifestyle newborn photography captures all the aspects of your baby that you’ll want to cherish forever. All from the comfort of your own home! So get started now to book your southern Maryland newborn photographer!

If you are looking for more info on a Southern Maryland maternity of newborn session, then check out my lifestyle page!

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