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A Breathtaking Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Day!

For years, Chesapeake Bay has been a popular spot for beach weddings. Not only is the beach naturally gorgeous, but the surrounding towns are packed with charm. With adorable shops and delicious restaurants, it’s the ideal spot to spend the days leading up to your wedding. If you’ve decided on a wedding in the bay but are trying to find the perfect venue, I would love to tell you about a Chesapeake Bay Beach Club wedding on Kent Island in Maryland. This beautiful inn features breathtaking views and premium amenities for your dream wedding.

About the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Venue

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club has specialized in hosting unforgettable events for over two decades. The venue started as a small business to help couples as they planned their special day. Over the years, they’ve expanded to include several inns, a world-class spa, and over 200 employees ready to deliver their exceptional service. The venue is constantly looking at ways they can improve. They’ve undergone four different renovations and have continued to add amenities to ensure they’re the leaders in hospitality. When you plan your wedding, you’ll have your choice of location and access to waterfront views, cozy rooming, and some of the best food on the East Coast. 

The outdoor reception space with white folding chairs overlooking the Chesapeake Bay Details of the Grounds

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club has four indoor locations where you can host your wedding, several of which have an attached yard for your ceremony. The Beach House Ballroom has an attached terrace overlooking the waterfront for an outdoor service. The inside has vaulted ceilings, crisp white walls, and a stone front. You’ll be able to add your own special touches to transform the space into your own. If you’d like to increase the space’s size, you can open it up to include the Tavern Bayside and Breezeway. 

The Tavern Ballroom is available to rent on Fridays and Saturdays and shares an outside yard with the Beach House Ballroom. The interior of this space features white walls, modern industrial lighting, and a wooden vaulted ceiling. 

The Inn Ballroom has a paved terrace for your outdoor ceremony. There’s a large white awning where you can stand in front of your guests, and they have a tent to protect you from the elements. You can marry alongside blooming gardens as the East Coast sunsets. The interior has neutral walls, elegant lighting, and a large stone fireplace. 

The Sunset Ballroom has modern iron chandeliers, a soft color palette, floor-to-ceiling windows, and herringbone wooden floors. While this space does not have direct access to an outdoor ceremony area, it has an enclosed deck that provides incredible water views. The Sunset Ballroom has a small formal lawn attached to the Garden Room. 

Reception Spaces

All of the interior spaces for your wedding are available for your reception. The Tavern Ballroom features a bar that will let your party continue late into the night. Combining this space with the Beach House Ballroom will give your guests plenty of room to mingle and dance. The Beach Club will provide round tables and ivory floor-length linens, mahogany chairs with ivory cushions, china, glassware, and silverware in each location. You’ll have access to their exceptional catering and can celebrate overlooking the moonlit beach. 

You can work with the venue to find different spots for your cocktail hour. One of the best spaces is the Rooftop Deck near the Tavern and Beach House Ballrooms. This area has the view in mind. The deck has umbrellas, an all-season fireplace, and cafe-style seating. Your guests can enjoy premium cocktails while looking out at the sunset. 

The venue has a bridal suite you can access two hours before the wedding. It’s the perfect space for putting on the finishing touches before the ceremony begins. Because the venue has a gorgeous inn, one of the best options is renting a room and spending the day preparing for your wedding party. The world-class salon and spa attached to the venue will help you achieve your dream wedding style. 

Key Details

The Inn Ballroom is ideal for more intimate weddings. With a dance floor, it can hold up to 75 guests. This area gives you the chance to expand dancing into the tented terrace. With this option, you can host up to 100 guests. 

The Tavern Ballroom will host up to 160 guests with the dance floor. The nearby Beach House Ballroom will hold up to 180 guests. Combining these spaces with the Breezeway allows you to host up to 220 guests. 

Lastly, the Sunset Ballroom will host up to 220 guests, and if you expand the dancing into the Garden Room, you can boost that number up to 310. 

Each space has gorgeous touches that will make your day unforgettable. The yard of the Inn Ballroom features trailing vines and climbing gardens. The exterior of the entire venue stays true to the New England aesthetic with colorful exterior buildings. Around the inn, you’ll find firepits, cozy seating, and well-maintained yards. 

Photography Opportunities at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Venue

So many spots tucked around the venue are fabulous for couples’ portraits. When you choose this venue for your wedding, you’ll simply have to get a picture on the beach near the water! The wooden walkways and roped railings give it a wonderfully romantic feel. The gardens around the grounds are great for group shots. Not only are they easily accessible, but they pack in tons of lovely colors into each shot. The windows around the venue are ideal for letting in tons of natural light throughout your ceremony so that you can count on gorgeous pictures throughout the day! 

Wedding Details

The staff strives to make sure your wedding day goes over beautifully. They’ll work with you to plan a custom menu featuring their unforgettable cuisine. You’ll also be able to work out a drink menu to pair with your meals. 

The inn has 77 rooms guests can rent leading up to the event. Because the venue hosts rehearsal dinners, it’s a fabulous option for people who want to fly their party for this special evening. 

The venue has coordinators to keep your wedding moving smoothly. They also have rentals to ensure you have everything you need for your day. 

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding

If you’re looking for a breathtaking spot for your New England wedding, check out a Chesapeake Bay Beach Club wedding. This extraordinary destination is here to give you the magical wedding day you’ve always wanted!

Once you have your venue, it’s time to find your wedding photographer. That’s where I come in! I’m a Maryland Photographer who specializes in wedding photography. If you’ve been on the search for someone who will capture all the dreamy moments from your special day, I’d love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.

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